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Month: May 2024

  • Canary Islands Day in Lanzarote

    Canary Islands Day, celebrated on May 30, is a holiday full of meaning and tradition in the Canary archipelago. In Costa Teguise this day becomes a special occasion to celebrate the Canarian identity and culture in a tourist and welcoming environment. From the early hours of the morning, Costa Teguise is filled with activities for […]

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  • Some places of interest in Lanzarote

    Lanzarote, one of the most captivating islands in the Canary archipelago, is a destination that combines natural wonders with unique cultural attractions. By staying in Costa Teguise, a popular tourist enclave on the island’s east coast, visitors have an excellent base from which to explore this volcanic island with ease. Costa Teguise, known for its […]

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  • Ironman Lanzarote 2024

    The Ironman Lanzarote sporting event is an iconic event that fills our island with excitement and energy every year. As a resident of Costa Teguise, this competition is not only a sporting spectacle, but also an opportunity to showcase the beauty and hospitality of our community to visitors from all over the world. Ironman Lanzarote […]

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  • The best beaches of Costa Teguise

    Costa Teguise is a coastal destination that offers a variety of stunning beaches. With its warm and mild climate all year round, Costa Teguise is the perfect place to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. From quiet, family-friendly beaches to wild, hidden coves, Costa Teguise has something for all tastes and preferences. One of the […]

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